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JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Some features of this site may not work without it. By establishing a partnership between a variety of units on the College Station campus, we successfully partnered with Four Winds Interactive, a leading provider of digital signage, to provide a shared service that leverages RDF exists at the top of the stack of technology standards proposed by the World Wide For most of this period, the public-facing production server ran on dedicated hardware and was installed by hand by a system administrator Item records for the The Texas Digital Library is a cooperative initiative of Texas universities. As this collection grew, the need for tools to manage the As a consortium of libraries from public and private institutions across the state of Texas, the Texas Digital Library TDL exists to promote the scholarly activities of its members. One of its earliest initiatives

Dating the Bimaran Casket – its Conflicted Role in the Chronology of Gandharan Art

JSON is a useful data serialization and messaging format. It is primarily intended to be a way to use Linked Data in Web-based programming environments, to build interoperable Web services, and to store Linked Data in JSON-based storage engines. The specification has undergone significant development, review, and changes during the course of several years.

This demo shows how to create an RSS feed for RDF data using SPARQL uses XSD:dateTime to encode date (e.g. “T”) while RSS ​.

Earlier today, Andrew Chamberlain on Twitter , observed that at the end of this month the current economic expansion in the U. The table is informative, but can we do something more graphical? Yes we can. I also fit a regression line through the points. What this shows is that while expansions blue have gotten longer over time, recessions red have gotten shorter over time. I often use recession shading on line plots, see here for handy R code.

But I also like to try more experimental visualizations, like these. The NBER page has an excel spreadsheet, but we can just do it manually. This code creates a simple data frame recessions. A recession period is between the Peak and Trough, while the expansion is dates between the trough and peak. Because the current expansion through April has not ended, I added a row to the bottom of the data frame for the next expansion.

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At the linked. This has led me to several key resources for building web-readable content to supplement landing pages. The key use for foaf is describing our author data in Neotoma.

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I was a bit … weird … as a teenager. As part of an Air Force family we moved frequently, and like most teenagers trying to distinguish themselves from their peers, I tried to use my strengths — an active intellect and an ease at working with abstractions — as a way of establishing myself in the new schools I constantly found myself in. I was the “smart kid”, the one who took to carrying around large books with titles such as “Principia Mathematica” by Bertrand Russell and Whitehead Alfred North in order to impress people with my intelligence okay, so perhaps my social intelligence was not quite as well developed at that stage.

For those of you not familiar with the work, the Principia Mathematica was a book on logic, but its real value lay in the fact that the logic in question was explored not by making assertions in English but rather by attempting to construct all possible logical propositions using what would today be called symbolic logic or propositional calculus. North and Russell attempted to do this for every possible logical statement possible — in essence trying to ground mathematics in logic.

As an intellectual achievement it was truly stunning. As a resource, it was practically useless, and was, even more ironically, doomed to failure even before it began. My dance card stayed empty through much of high school and well into my college years until I found that the love of logic actually translated pretty nicely to programming computers, and that occasionally taking a shower, wearing decent clothes, being polite and kindly if somewhat puppy-dog innocent and taking the occasional risk in asking out women worked far better than trying to look like a genius.

A few decades later, I have to wonder if the entire Semantic Web movement could use a few dating tips or perhaps an entire manual. Most of the concepts embodied within such things as RDF triples are not in fact all that new — a triple is in many ways almost the archetypal propositional predicate, something that Bertrand Russell would easily have understood a hundred years ago.

Yet there are also some dangers for the practitioners of the Semantic Web. One of the first is the sin of hubris — of assuming that the semantic web framework as it is now being drawn is all-encompassing and complete, and that there are in fact no better ways of expressing this information. This was driven home to me at an IW3 conference in Chiba, Japan a few years back.

Providing Structured Data

Recently it seemed like time for another update, particularly to relate RDF and the Semantic Web to the cutting edge of web development. We’ve republished the original in a new location and offer the following update. I’ll leave to you, dear reader, the task of deciding how well Joshua Tauberer has accomplished the task of updating a classic. On the Semantic Web SemWeb , computers do the browsing and searching, and querying, and The SemWeb enables computers to seek out knowledge distributed throughout the Web, mesh it, and then take action based on it.

Take an analogy: the current web is a decentralized platform for distributed presentations , while the SemWeb is a decentralized platform for distributed knowledge.

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Often symmetric. The person responsible for the other page is someone who you have exchanged greetings and not much if any more — maybe a short conversation or two. Inverse is parent. The person responsible for the other page is your genetic offspring, or someone you have adopted and take care of. Symmetric and transitive. The person responsible for the other page is someone you share a street address with. Usually transitive.

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distributed approaches assume that each node keeps all RDF schema in a file-​sharing application could extract information such as file name, creation date.

Cross Reference To Related Application 5 [] The present application claims the benefits, under Provisional Application Serial No. If a user wishes to locate information about a subject, the user enters keywords into a 0 search engine such as GOOGLE 1 ” 1 , which retrieves the. The information located in that way is static in that the searcher can only view it and cannot modify the information located.

HTML has limited ability to add meaning 0 to the blocks of text on a page of a document, such as by adding metadata linked to the text, apart from including information on how the document is organized and its visual layout. There has therefore been a need for a more intelligent way to organize and look for information on the Internet. Such attempts generally involve establishing systems of formally defined concepts called “ontologies”.

Semantics and Ontologies have been in development for some time and there are many tools available to construct, edit and otherwise manipulate Semantic and Ontological data to create knowledge spaces and semantic inference. What is needed therefore is a methodology for the average person to interact with Semantically organized Information in such as fashion that they would not require technical knowledge of Ontologies, or other technical Semantic topics.

This technology is referred to herein as Visual RDF. I O [] Fig. Description 5 [] Throughout the following description, specific details are set forth in order to provide a more thorough understanding of the invention.

Expanding Expansions, Contracting Recessions

In correspondence with the Research Directorate, a former UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office senior research analyst whose work focused on East and Central African affairs, and who currently works as a consultant on security and defence in Africa, indicated that the RDF rely on voluntary recruitment Consultant 27 Nov. Corroborating information could not be found among the sources consulted by the Research Directorate within the time constraints of this Response.

Rwanda a. Presidential Order No.

DAS/BEST will be deploying the replacement inlate March – the earliest date for this change will be Saturday, March 25th and the backup date for this is.

Taking the necessary measures to maintain employees’ safety, we continue to operate and accept samples for analysis. Refuse-derived fuels RDF are produced from municipal solid waste MSW that has been shredded then subsequently treated with pressurized steam in autoclaves. SRFs and RDFs can be derived from household, commercial, or industrial wastes and other combustible waste streams.

On the other hand recyclable materials should not be excluded from SRFs because such an exclusion could lead to disposal of these materials and wastage of the resources embedded in them. Conversion of waste into refuse-derived fuels or solid recovered fuels serves two purposes — it reduces the volume of waste sent to landfills thereby solving problems in the waste sector, and it provides alternative fuels for energy-intensive industries.

RDFs are used for energy recovery in cement kilns, power stations, and industrial boilers as substitute to fossil fuels. RDFs and SRFs have proven to be effective substitutes to fossil fuels because they have low production costs but have significant thermal value. A standard has been developed to measure the biomass carbon fraction of refuse-derived fuels and solid recovered fuels. This standard, EN , determines the biogenic carbon fraction of solid recovered fuels using radiocarbon dating techniques.

Both standards use the radiocarbon dating technique to distinguish the biogenic fractions of samples from their fossil-based components. For details on how radiocarbon dating can distinguish biogenic components from fossil-based ones, read more about ASTM D Greenhouse gas protocols in Europe have cap carbon dioxide emissions in certain industries. Companies can obtain carbon credits if they do not exceed their annual CO2 emission limits.

These carbon credits have monetary value and are tradable under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.

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Skip to main content. It is a PAHP only program. Maternity services are provided FFS, not under b authority in the above excluded counties. After the initial enrollment choice period, members receive an annual enrollment choice period of 60 days. If an individual does not choose their plan prior to eligibility being determined, they are auto-enrolled in a health plan and given 30 days to choose a different plan. Under this model, providers of specialty and medical services will enter into new partnerships with each other and an experienced organization that will perform the administrative functions similar to insurance companies, such as claims processing, member enrollment, and grievances and appeals.

discusses the problem of comparing two RDF graphs, generating a set of. differences, and updating a graph from a set of differences.

The database stores informations like the dates of birth, death, participation to groups of all kinds, studies Informations where fuzzy times are legion. I understood that any “date” is considered as a duration in the CRM. Even a birth occurring on 25Th of July should be considered as an event occurring between for instance at and at But in that case, what could be the values of P81a, P81b, P82a and P82b? Or should we consider that we only know P82a and P82b and don’t know anything about a narrower duration, thus P81 and could only declare the following:.

If I take the example of the event p. Another example: An author is know to have been elected to a club during February and March and to have left the club in

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